A window on the Pusat, pt 1

Recent film showing practice on the home training floor in Indonesia.

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A window on the Pusat, pt 2

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Lifetime White Crane Silat practitioners demonstrate.

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The White Crane Silat system is a Chinese-Indonesian martial art that harmonizes the body to improve health and fitness.  Similar to kung-fu, White Crane Silat uses flowing, Nature inspired movements. Movements integrate barefoot sliding steps, floor work, rolling, breathing, repetition, and partner exercises to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation, grounding, timing, awareness, memory, confidence, feeling, intuition and flow.

Our intention in training is harmonization of body, mind and spirit. Practice is sometimes meditative, sometimes strenuous; acrobatics, falling, and throwing practice are included for able-bodied students.

White Crane Silat is for everyone.  Active practitioners range from 7 to 70s. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Classes are tailored to the needs and abilities of participants.

Wear loose white t-shirt and pants to class.  Come prepared to sweat, and bring a sweater. Contact us for more information.

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