Latihan Protocol

We invite you to respect this protocol for your benefit and for the benefit of the class.

  • Arrive on time. We should open and close the circle together.
  • If you are the first person to arrive, you may clean the floor.
  • When you enter or leave the floor, it is customary to soja (greet) the pelatih (trainer).  Be aware of who is entering the floor.  Soja to other students as they enter.
  • If you must leave the floor for any reason, please inform the pelatih discretely.
  • Do not copy or ask for movements. Be patient. Wait for the pelatih or assigned assistant to give corrections and new movements.
  • Observe, but do not correct other students. Ask a pelatih if you have questions.
  • Enjoy, relax and laugh as much as is natural for you, but please do not lean against the wall or chat unnecessarily, especially when the pelatih is giving general instructions. Stop and listen.
  • Move on the floor with awareness of others.
  • If you feel tired or want to pause you may sit comfortably in a silat position or just stand relaxed but aware, and quietly watch latihan.
  • Do not wear any jewelry during latihan.
  • The white silat uniform should be worn only for latihan (not outside the silat floor while eating, driving, etc.)
  • Everyone must wear supportive undergarments. For comfort and safety, women should avoid bras with hooks and hardware.
  • Do not drink in latihan. If you must drink while in uniform, first kneel and remove your belt.
  • Avoid catching a chill after latihan.  Put on a dry shirt (and sweater/socks as necessary) for your cool down period.
  • After latihan, it is beneficial to drink some warm, light, sweet tea.
  • It is best not to train on a full stomach. If a full meal, wait 2-3 hours before training.  If a light meal, wait 1-2 hrs. If just fruit or liquids, 45 min is okay.
  • Wait 30 minutes after latihan to eat.  Hydrate well during this time.  Then be sure to eat some good protein within the period 30min – 2hrs after training.
  • After latihan, wait until you have stopped sweating before you shower.  Then do shower to wash off the toxins from your sweat.
  • Ask your pelatih if you have any questions.
  • Breathe, relax, smile and enjoy as much as possible.